Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So you want a tattoo?

Do it. Go with a good artist, even if you are getting something small and cliche. If its your first, make sure you eat before the tattoo, we have had grown men almost faint during tats! Do not get pressured into a design you don't want. Often times tattoo artists have a stuck up rock star personality and treat you like an idiot. Don't let this happen, you'll just end up regretting it later. I know a lot of people simply want a tattoo to have a tattoo. This is fine. But if it has a personal meaning to you, bring your thoughts to a custom tattoo artist so they can draw you up something that is original and has meaning! Can't stress that enough. Names can be okay for memorials or children, but in my opinion, it is more personal to get a design that represented them or the things they loved. But go ahead and do whatever, its not like this blog is going to change your mind about anything.


  1. nice post. Im considering a tatto, for when the tennesse titans win the superbowl!